past is gone. future’s not there yet. so just live in the PRESENT- be present

Thinkin about the last days and weeks make me feel they seem to be already so far away. Is it a sad feeling? Do I feel some melancholy in these moments cause we had so many great and fantastic moments?

But isn’t it the past? Isn’t it not the moment which is more important than the past? Why do we hold on on chapters which are already closed? Why is it so difficult to have trust in new chapters? To have faith that we will have a lot of wonderful moments again and maybe much more?

Maybe because we are afraid of unknown things. Things we have never done before. experiences we have never gone through before.

I am sure these times will make us stronger than before but they are not already there. This is the future. We don’t have to worry about it. It will come anyway.

BE PRESENT in the moment. LIVE IN THE PRESENT. The best and only time is right now

We are not here to have sorrows and to suffer. We are here to learn from our experiences, to develop our soul and to live our life in each moment. Sometimes times are hard for us cause these are moments in which we learn the most. We need these times to grow and to appreciate what we have and our good times. We wouldn’t be able to join the sun if we have never met the moon and the darkness before.

So our task is to live totally here in this very special and unique moment. in the PRESENT. be PRESENT. Enjoy it with everything you have. Feel it. We are born to live the ways we are meant. To be happy and feel good in every time.

Join it. lots of love.

yours zumsii



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